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View our computer maintenance terms and conditions

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Our policies

At Computer Support, our policies are designed to protect you and your data and to ensure you have the best possible experience with us

General policies

1) Firstly and most importantly: -
The Customer shall remain fully responsible for their own data or programs that are stored on any equipment that Computer Support engineers are asked to perform any work on. Computer Support shall have no responsibility for any of the customer's data or programs. The customer should have a current "backup" of all their important data and files in case of data loss, incurred as a result of hardware failure, viruses or any other cause. If such a "backup" does not exist, Computer Support can offer to "backup" data and files, but note that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that such a backup does contain the data and files that are required. (This is because Computer Support engineers cannot be expected to know the location of important data and files on a customer’s equipment!!)
Remember, data and file backup is the responsibility of the customer/owner of the equipment and neither Computer Support nor any of its staff can be held responsible in any way for any loss, including financial, inconvenience etc of data or files etc on the equipment we are working on. Naturally, we will do our best to ensure that data or file loss does not happen, but it is always a possibility.

2) Verbal acceptance of telephone estimates or written acceptance of Computer Support's estimates, by either email or hard copy shall be deemed as a contract of work. Should our estimate vary by any significant amount, due to factors that could not have reasonably been foreseen, the customer will be consulted and a mutually agreed revised estimate will be issued before work proceeds.

Payment terms

1) All payments are due on completion of the work Computer Support has been contracted by the customer to complete, (unless a credit account with Computer Support has previously been established). Where Computer Support incurs charges and the customer cannot or refuses to pay the agreed price, Computer Support reserves the right to retain any customer's goods in their possession until full outstanding payments are received in full.

Warranty terms

1) Any hardware fitted by Computer Support will be covered by the relevant manufactures warranty for the item in question. (Note - this does not affect your statuary rights regarding warranty periods, as is applicable in the UK at this time). This will include the replacement and re-fitting of the faulty item, though should it be necessary to re-install the software, this will be charged at our normal hourly rate as shown elsewhere in this document.

2) Once again, please note: - Computer Support, nor any of its staff can be held responsible for any loss, including financial, inconvenience or any other, resulting from the loss of data or files etc on equipment that has suffered from hardware failure. It is the customer/owner who must take responsibility for having a current "backup" of their data and / or files. This warranty service only applies to the same location as was used when the hardware was originally fitted. (This part of this clause may be waived at Computer Support's discretion)

3) We cannot honour a warranty where the hardware in question has not been used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

4) Warranty terms only cover hardware failure and do not cover any software faults.

Hard disk replacement, upgrade, re-format, re-installation or re-partitioning

1) Where a Hard Disk Drive (or other storage devices) is to be replaced, upgraded, or requires reformatting, the Customer shall provide to Computer Support all appropriate Operating System Licences, Certificates of Authenticity and, where possible, Operating system disks and Driver disks, to allow for re-installation of the operational software. Computer Support cannot be held responsible for providing such software, though where possible and within the laws governing the use of the software in question, Computer Support will endeavour to provide such. Unless agreed by Computer Support and specified in the contract with the customer, it will be the responsibility of the customer to re-install any application software, programs and/or data.

Service terms and conditions

1) Our service for small businesses includes a call-out, and up to a 1-hour visit, at a charge of £72. Appointments out of office hours may incur a £28 additional fee. Any additional labour costs will be agreed upon with the customer prior to continuing beyond the first hour.

2) Our service for home users is charged at a "flat rate" of £72 per visit. Appointments out of office hours may incur a £28 additional fee.  Any further charges will be mutually agreed upon with the customer prior to continuing.

3) Should it be deemed necessary, and with the agreement of Computer Support and the customer, the equipment can be taken back to Computer Support's workshop to have the required work done. Our standard hourly rate will still apply, though may be adjusted to a lower rate, depending on the nature of the work, at the discretion of Computer Support. This situation will be discussed, and a mutual agreement made with the customer before completion of the work.

4) On completion of any work, the engineer will present the customer with a temporary receipt, upon which payment will be due, unless a credit account with Computer Support has previously been established. A full receipt and engineers report, including details of work done, further recommendations and VAT amounts etc will be sent to the customer at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

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