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With your essays and dissertations to write, we know how important your laptop is to you. That’s why at Computer Support we offer a complete repair, maintenance and problem solving service to students for your computer and its software. 

We offer an efficient service and do not charge for an initial call out. With our virus checks you can feel assured that your computer is in safe hands with our IT support. 

Call now to receive full IT support
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What we can help you with

• Virus removal
• Security advice and installation of anti-virus software
• Repairing of computer hardware and software faults
• Re-installing operating systems
• Installing simple, effective solutions for your email system
• Disaster recovery of data
• General computer system servicing and maintenance

Student support labour charges usually work out at £45 + VAT per repair, regardless of how long the job takes (within reason of course). Most of our customers make best use of this policy and will sort out a variety of issues whilst we are there, such as anti-virus program questions, sharing files between the computers in the home, how to backup files etc. 
Getting rid of a serious virus infection is one of the longer jobs we undertake, often requiring the computer to be brought back to our Service Centre for time consuming specialist scans. We still only charge £45 + VAT for this.
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