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PC Guidance for your family

You can trust Computer Support

How we can help

We know how hectic life can be. The last thing you need is a broken-down computer. At Computer Support, we offer home visits, so you never need to figure out transporting your computer again.

We understand you’re busy, so we can arrange a home visit at a time that’s convenient for you, to go over any problems you may be having, and provide complete PC guidance. We offer this at a lower cost and with a personal approach. 

Included in our visit is advice on matters such as virus protection, safe surfing, the best office software to use (some of the best is actually free) and a host of other questions we can answer confidentially for you. We also offer this service to students.

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At Computer Support, we offer PC guidance for home users in Chester at competitive rates

Home visit labour charges usually work out at £72 per repair, regardless of how long the job takes (within reason of course). Most of our customers make the best use of this policy and will sort out a variety of issues whilst we are there, such as anti-virus program questions, sharing files between the computers in the home, how to back up files, etc. 

Getting rid of a serious virus infection is one of the longer jobs we undertake, often requiring the computer to be brought back to our Service Centre for time-consuming specialist scans. We still only charge £72 for this.

We also offer PC guidance for businesses and students

For expert PC guidance in Chester, call Computer Support today
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