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For all your Computer Services in Chester

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Our Computer Services

We know how important it is for your computer to work smoothly

Whether you use your computer for work, studies or recreation, having computer trouble is a big headache. At Computer Support, we have many years of experience repairing computers for our customers throughout Chester. Our experience means that we can fix many common problems easily, be they simple or complicated. Call Computer Support and your computer will be up and running again in no time.

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We offer a range of computer services to meet your needs:

Business Support

We offer total repair, IT maintenance and problem-solving for small businesses across Chester. As a small business ourselves, we understand the difference a well-working computer system can make to your bottom line. We provide a call-out service for your convenience. Common services we offer include:

  • data recovery

  • backup systems

Home Support

We offer home visits for your convenience. We will repair your computer and offer advice on a range of common computer issues. We are friendly and professional, and our rates are competitive. Common services we offer include:

  • virus protection

  • internet safety

  • office software

Student Support

We know how important your computer is, especially for your studies. We offer stress-free computer repair and advice including maintenance and problem-solving. Common services we offer include:

  • reinstalling operating systems

  • computer servicing

  • anti-virus software

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Why choose Computer Support?

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Our Service

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Fast service

Friendly staff

Home visits and call-outs

No charges until work is undertaken

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For expert computer services in Chester, call Computer Support today
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